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Hotel Noi Cartagena 1860

At Hotel Noi Cartagena 1860 we invite you to experience the many attractions of Cartagena, a city that will not fail to surprise you. If you are looking for the best plans and activities in Cartagena, we propose you a small guide with our essentials.

Whether you are looking for tourism or just have a few free hours between business meetings, the hotel’s staff will be happy to recommend the best options to discover the city. The location of the hotel, very close to the main monuments, will allow you to visit the most important sites on foot.

What to do in Cartagena?

Cartagena is a very culturally alive city where there are always events and activities for all tastes.

The Chamber of Commerce is one of the best places to discover the latest news, upcoming events and even interesting courses and seminars.

We also recommend visiting the Banco de la República, which in addition to conducting economic research, is one of the largest cultural centers of Cartagena. The Colombian Caribbean Observatory, the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival, theater halls and other artistic activities share space here.

Main museums

For those who love museums, a visit to the Caribbean Naval Museum is mandatory. Colombia has a maritime history that spans more than four hundred years and it has had a decisive impact on the culture of coastal cities. In this museum, you can discover this interesting story thanks to the exhibitions and pedagogical activities.

In Cartagena there is also the Palace of the Inquisition, a building of late colonial architecture, built to judge those accused of heresy. Today, this palace is a museum where you can see the instruments of torture that were used, as well as pieces of ceramics, paintings, furniture and other objects.

If you still have time, you can visit the Colonial Museum, which presents life in the colonial era of Cartagena from different perspectives, such as economic and religious. This museum stands out for its interactive and technological equipment.

The green areas of Cartagena

In addition to the typical landscapes of crystalline waters and coastal beaches, Cartagena stands out for its large garden areas, perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing.

La Marina Park, with its large swimming pool, fountains and gardens, is ideal for walking. It has an important collection of monuments dedicated to Colombian naval forces.

You should also visit the Bolívar Park, a place of rest and leisure very popular among Cartagena inhabitants and tourists.

Church and monastery of San Pedro Claver

Founded by the Jesuits in 1603, this monumental complex was the residence of the famous Spanish priest Pedro Claver. This monk, much loved in the city, dedicated his life to protect the thousands of slaves who came to Cartagena and therefore he was canonized.

There is also a museum dedicated to his figure, which has an extensive archaeological collection, with pre-Columbian works of art and other materials of great historical value.